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Nightlife Hotspots that Rock

Are you planning your trip to Florida and do you want it to include the hottest Miami escorts that you can find? If so, you've certainly come to the right place. We know that your night out getting drinks, dancing under the bright lights, and experiencing everything that this place has to offer will not be complete unless you have a beautiful woman on your arm for the whole thing. At Miami Escorts #1, we help you find the perfect date for the evening. People come from all over the world to visit the killer hotspots in South Beach and Miami, and we want to make sure that you know exactly why they love it so much.

This town has to all. Want to sit at a quiet booth and drink ice cold beers? Want to feel the music throbbing through your bones as a DJ plays top picks and people dance on the dance floor? Want to sip your drink and watch the sunset over the water? You can find all of this in the incredible bars, clubs, taverns and other nightlife centers in Miami. If you're going to take these Miami escorts out, you want to give them a great time, and we want to help you find all of the best places that you cannot afford to miss. We've put together this incredible list so that you know just where to go and what to see.

The Florida Culture

Before meeting up with a girl from our Miami escort service, you just need to know that the Florida culture is all about relaxing and having fun. People come here constantly for vacation, so there are always crowds of people who don't have to work, who don't have anywhere to be. Strolling among them with a stunning girl on your arm will make you the talk of the town. We've tried to find places that are going to help you embrace this culture and become part of it. You can always ask the escort Miami has given you for advice if you want more options, but you should start with these.

Sunset Lounge

Let's start with a more laid-back place that you and the Miami escorts will enjoy. This lounge is designed so that you watch the sun as it falls down over the city, giving you a great view of the water and the cityscape at the same time. There are multiple areas within the bar, some of which are connected by a huge spiral staircase. This is a place with elegance and class, a place where you and the Miami escorts are more likely to drink martinis than beer, though you should always have your martinis shaken if you do order them. There is a pool that is surrounded by private cabanas where you and the girls can hang out, and you'll really enjoy everything about it. This lounge is found at 1100 West Ave.
 Miami Beach, FL 33139, and you can call them at 305/514-1500.

Bar 50

Next, you and the Miami escorts may want to check out Bar 50, which is sophisticated and beautiful, with a combination of historical elements and modern design. You can watch sports on the TV – you'll find that many of the girls from our Miami escort service love sports – or you can drink cocktails and chat. Much like the lounge above, this place tends to be quiet and peaceful, a great place to get to know each other. The food menu is terrific if you also want to grab something to eat. You can find it at 50 Alhambra Plaza,
 Coral Gables, FL 33134 and you can call them at 305/447-6101.


Enough with the quiet sophistication; maybe you want to party hard at the dance clubs with the escort Miami has given you. If so, this is a terrific place to start. With its multi-layer stages, the whole thing is a production, and it is full of energy and fun, especially when it is packed to the doors. The nightclub is an astounding 18,000 square feet, with a huge capacity, so it is near the top of everyone's list. You and the Miami escorts will enjoy drinking at three different bars, listening to music blaring over the sound system, and dancing all night long. There are even private boxes – six of them – that you can rent out; they come with a bottle service, and they promise you a great time. You can find Liv at 4441 Collins Ave.
 Miami Beach, FL 33140 or you can call 305/674-4680.


Another high-energy dance club that you can go to with the Miami escorts is Mansion, a club with a capacity of 2,500 to make sure that it is always alive and pumping with the latest dance music. There are multiple levels and many interesting features and touches, such as fireplaces or tall, sweeping staircases. The lights will draw you in and enchant you, creating an atmosphere in which you and the Miami escorts cannot help but have a great time. Like Liv, they also have private rooms. You can find the club at 1235 Washington Ave.
 Miami Beach, FL 33139. You can also call 305/531-5535.

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