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The Clubs in Miami are Some of the Best in the World

The clubs in Miami are going to blow your mind. These places are crazy, setting the bar for fun and excitement. As the Miami escorts will attest, each one is usually packed to the doors with hot young people dancing and swaying to the music, which often comes from a live band or a D.J. Most clubs have multiple bars – some having as many as eight different bars in the same building – so it's easy to get the cold drinks that you want, when you want them. Lights, sound and festivities rule the night. New York might have a reputation as the city that never sleeps, but Miami certainly gives you more fun all night long. You just have to know where to look.

Hitting the Clubs with Miami Escorts

Here at Miami Escorts #1, we take one extra step to make sure that you have a great time; we help you find a beautiful girl who will go out with you when all you want to do is drink, dance and party the night away. These girls are the life of the party. They are young, wild and dedicated to enjoying themselves. It's a lifestyle here in Florida, and the girls from our Miami escort service are fully engrained in it, loving every minute. You know how every night is more fun if you have that one friend who pushes the limits, who really doesn't hold back? Now just imagine if that friend was the most beautiful girl you'd ever laid eyes on, and she was all yours. That's what you get when you go to exotic clubs Miami has to offer with these girls.

Moving Past the Bar Scene

One thing that can be hard to do without Miami escorts is simply to get past the standard bar scene, which is huge since there is so much tourism here. Stand on any street and you're going to be able to see a bar from where you're standing. And there's nothing wrong with going out to drink a cold beer, to watch some sports on TV, and to dive into some excellent bar food. If you really want the full experience, though, you and the Miami escorts have to think bigger than that. To help you, we've found some of the most incredible clubs in the area.

Don't Sit on the Furniture

You and the Miami escorts would be hard pressed to find a club that's newer than this one, but people already love it. Maybe it's the huge chandelier hanging over the dance floor. Maybe it's just the name, which shows you perfectly that they are laid-back and funny, but that they also want to make sure that everyone dances all night long. Maybe it's the fact that it feels like an intimate experience, being in such a small club where everyone is packed in. Whatever the reason, people love this place, and you and the girl from our Miami escort service are going to love it as well. You'll find it at 423 16 St, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Nikki Beach

Sometimes, a beach party is just way better than being stuck inside. Do you want to get the party started earlier, while the sun is still out? Do you want to party with a bunch of other people in their bikinis and shorts? This is really the Miami lifestyle, and this club takes it and runs with it. When music festivals come to town, they always end up hosting some great acts, so make sure that you contact them to see who might be playing before you get there. This is not like the typical exotic clubs Miami has to offer, but it gives you an awesome time, every time you come. You can find it at 1 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139 and you can call them at (305) 538-1111.


Don't take our word for it that this place rules: Rolling Stone called it the second best place in the country when you are looking for a dance club. The place is fancy and modern, with a two-level staircase that leads up to a second deck, an awesome dance floor, and colored lights flashing over everything. They bring in awesome talent. Even Lil Wayne has been there. This is the type of club that you will see if you watch a movie about people partying in Miami, and now you can live that out with the Miami escorts. Seriously, you'll feel like you've walked into another world, and you'll love it. You can find this club and all it has to offer at 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140. You can call it by dialing (305) 674-4680.


Finally, the best club for you and the Miami escorts is Story. It's like LIV on steroids. The same people run them, and this club is just huge. They have strobe lights, laser light shows, and they bring in tons of talent, from popular acts to underground artists. You and the Miami escorts will thrive on the huge dance floor or the upper deck with the bar. If you don't go anywhere else, go here. You can find it at 136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. You can call them at (305) 538-2424.

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