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The Top Bars in Miami

Finding the top bars is a must when you go out with Miami escorts. This is a big town with a healthy tourist population, which means that there are bars everywhere. Some of them are dives, though, places you would never want to go when you're showing off for a girl from Miami Escorts #1. If you're not from Florida and you don't come to Miami often, how can you know which ones to hit up? If you contact them, they're all going to say you should come because they want your business. What you need is an impartial review that offers a list of the top bars.

That is exactly what we're here to provide. We know what you and the Miami escorts will be looking for, and we're in the business of simply helping you find the perfect date – a girl who is beautiful, enchanting and fun to be around. We're not connected to any bars, restaurants, or other hotspots. However, we have a ton of experience in this industry. That makes us perfectly qualified to give you recommendations for where you should go, recommendations that you can trust.

Advice From the Beautiful Girls

We should let you know up front that the girls from our Miami escort service will also be very happy to give you more advice. Want to find a new place to go as the night wears on? Just ask them and let them lead the way! These girls are college students, world travelers, Miami residents, and much more. They've explored this city from top to bottom, and they can help you find the places that the locals love that might not make it onto your radar as a tourist. We are sure that you and the Miami escorts will have a great time together.

Brick House

This place has an awesome patio where you and the Miami escorts can sit and listen to live music. The lineup always changes, of course, so make sure that you call or check their website to see who will be playing, but they do a great job of getting top talent. They also bring in DJs for nights when it's all about the dancing. The bar is made of black marble, giving the place a modern look, but it's not modern overall, bringing in a lot of different styles. If you sit at that bar with the Miami escorts, they can serve you plenty of speciality drinks – some include jalapeno, for example – that you aren't going to find anywhere else. If you want to check this place out, go to 187 NW 28th St, Miami, FL 33127. Their phone number is (305) 456-2629.

Mango's Tropical Cafe

Do you want the real feel of tropical Florida when you go out with the girl from our Miami escort service? If you do, this is the best place to turn, hands down. The cafe is surrounded by palm trees, so you know what you're in for even before you step inside. They have live bands playing Latin music, dancers, and mixed drinks and cocktails that are always flowing. The whole idea here is that you get dinner, drinks and a show, all at once. It's the full experience, and it's always packed with travelers, bachelorette parties, and the like. This place is known as the life of the party, and you'll be able to stay all the way until closing at five in the morning if you just can't tear yourself away from the fun and excitement. You can find it at 900 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139. You can call them at (305) 673-4422.


This Latin-style wine bar is sure to be a hit with the Miami escorts. There is a long bar and tables inside, but the real fun is in the outdoor space, where you can sit in the summer sun or the cool shade of an umbrella and drink cold white wine or your favorite dry red vintages. The outside is covered in graffiti, but that is an intentional design, which fits with the laid-back style of the place once you get inside. If you want, you can grab a bottle of wine to go, but it's better to hang out and enjoy the bottle right there at the bar. It's a walkable area, so you can easily get to this place or move on to other destinations without needing a car. You can find it at 2200 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137. You can call them at (305) 333-6929.

Prohibition Restaurant and Speakeasy

This place is all about the atmosphere. As the name implies, it is done in a Roaring 20s style, with beautiful wooden bar tops, hanging chandeliers, and the elegance that defined the period when alcohol was illegal and everyone had to sneak to these little underground bars to drink at all. Grab a bottle of bourbon, sit at the bar with the beautiful Miami escorts on your arm, and you'll feel just like Al Capone. You can also choose from great dishes like the lobster macaroni and cheese or the Wagyu skirt steak. This bar is located at 3404 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127. You can call them at (305) 438-9199.

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